associate [ə sō′shē āt΄, ə sō′sēāt΄; ] for n. & adj. [, əsōsh′it, əsō′shē it]
associated, associating [< L associatus, pp. of associare, join to < ad-, to + sociare, unite with < socius, companion: see SOCIAL]
1. to join together; connect; combine
2. to bring (a person) into relationship with oneself or another as companion, partner, friend, etc.
3. to connect in the mind [to associate rain with grief]
1. to join (with another or others) as a companion, partner, friend, etc.
2. to join together; unite
1. a person with whom one is associated; friend, partner, fellow worker, etc.
2. a member of less than full status, as of a society, institute, etc.
3. anything joined with another thing or things
4. a degree or certificate granted by a junior college to those who have completed the regular two-year course [an Associate in (or of) Arts]
1. joined with others in some venture, work, etc. [an associate justice]
2. having less than full status [an associate membership]
3. accompanying; connected
SYN.- JOIN, ASSOCIATE refers to a person who is frequently in one's company, usually because of shared work [business associates]; COLLEAGUE denotes a co-worker, esp. in one of the professions, and may or may not imply a personal relationship [her colleagues at the university ]; COMPANION1 always refers to a person who actually accompanies one and usually implies a close, personal relationship [a dinner companion, the companions of one's youth ]; COMRADE refers to a close associate and implies a sharing in activities and fortunes [comrades in arms ]; ALLY now usually refers to a government joined with another or others in a common pursuit, esp. war; a CONFEDERATE is one who joins with another or others for some common purpose, esp. in some unlawful act; an ACCOMPLICE is one who unites with another or others in an unlawful act

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